Since leaving university I felt that I needed to start giving myself projects and challenges to keep my creativity alive. So I started a project known as Gate Study. The project is pretty self explanatory, it's a study around gates that I find, come across or take a liking to. I seem to have a… Continue reading #daniellesgatestudy


Since early September 2017 I was applying for every art based volunteering program I could find, anything from 5 minutes down the road to over an hour commute, but no where was replying to my application emails, so I contacted every single program again and again, applying on different sites and emailing more than once… Continue reading Volunteering

Raku Firing

During university I was researching different firing techniques that I wanted to try to gain new effects and one of them was Raku firing. Below are images of the work I created using this firing technique. "The results are also very unique from other firing processes. Many people are attracted to Raku because of the… Continue reading Raku Firing