For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work abroad.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel.

So, I finally got accepted for my placement to work at a special needs camp in America for summer 2018.

While at university I found out about Camp America and the amazing opportunities they offer for people that wanted to gain new and once in a lifetime experience. Due to being a full time student and working part time there was no way I would have the time, nor money to be able to go. But then I graduated, got a new job which wasn’t the path I wanted to build a career out of, so I applied as it was the right time. I wanted to work within the art and crafts department at a camp, but especially in a special needs / disability camp. After speaking to the CA team, I felt at ease and the excitement began to build, I booked tickets to the Birmingham recruitment fair, where the camp I had fell in love for, would be attending and hiring people on the spot, on the day. Extremely nervous, I met the camp directors and honestly spoke to them about why I wanted to be part of their camp team and why I wanted to gain my new experience and skills with them. That was it, then and there, they offered me a role within their arts and crafts team. I was shocked, surprised and extremely grateful. All the paperwork was signed off and then I made my way to my boyfriend to tell him the news!

A month later, everything else was finalised. The paperwork was printed and I made my way up to London for my visa application interview (at the new embassy building). The process was simple and easy. You get given a number, speak to two people who chose then and there if they accept your visa or not. Luckily mine was accepted and my passport was sent back to me within the next week. That was it, everything was official.

I cannot recommend Camp America enough to anyone and everyone. They’re a perfect company, make everything easy and simple and help every step of the way!

During my process I created an application video (which is recommended), which I never used. Take a look and see what you think ❤

Thanks for reading!

Cannot wait to spend my summer in America!!

Application Video:

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